New Zombies Easter Egg SpaceLand… Where’s The Cut Scence

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7th November 2016

Hi everyone today we are talking about the lack of  a ending cut scene in the new Call of Duty zombies. I don’t see why  they don’t put a cut scene in unless we have to do more to complete the Easter Egg.

Like we have to go and activate the music Easter Egg then kill the alien to complete it fully or we have to find a secret teleporter to teleport us back so we can kill the film director.  We should a least get something more then a quote unless the quote means something to actually completing it? here is the quote “bravo a truly spire performance, where they have soft not like that this is going to win any of us any award chat with lots, how are you not dying already? and you try to get blood everywhere” (Sorry if not completley accurate i tried to listen of it from a video).

So where he says this is not going to win any of us a award he might mean there is no ending you get no real answer a award this could mean in new Call of Duty DLC’S come out that this might explain how it ends with all the other maps cut scenes (Hopefully) we will be able to describe and under stand the story much easier.

What do you think about this? tell me in the comments,

Okay next subject what do you think the next Call of Duty DLC’S are going to be are the going to be are normal crew (Richthofen’s crew) or more of the space land crew and where will it be based on the moon, some old maps like shima no numa or new maps we could even go back to origins at seeing the Revelations Easter EGG ending that could give us the staffs again and that giant robot what we all hate with his giant feet.

They could make a Ray Gun MK 4 and also bring back all the old ray guns is well my favourite would forever be Ray Gun MK 2 it was amazing gun on buried if you had the paralyser as well you would be set, Okay a bit off topic then. I will be doing more blogs every now and then so I hope you enjoy these blogs and find them useful or interesting or just generally fun to read i hope you enjoy these if you want to see more blogs leave a like  or comment

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