COD MW4 Remasterd… I Cant Wait

Warframe fun (how long for this extraction)
6th November 2016
Warframe (To Venus We Go)
7th November 2016

The new COD game came out not long ago even though i have asked for it this Christmas i cant wait to see the better graphics and also Captain Price.

The game came with the infinite warfare bundle but its worth it they don’t look like bad games all together and Call Of Duty have limited the jump boost to make it easier and better game play especially in the zombies mode.

You Can check out the game your self look here

Zombies is a good setup of charters with the old feeling that its a old cheesy movie from the 1980’s they call the rounds scenes and you have 4 charters the Jock,the Nerd,The Gangster and the prom Queen.  You are set in a theme park with a disco platform what can shoot lasers and make the zombies stay still and dance also you can ride down slides, target racers, Basket Ball and much more.

This can distract you from the zombies around you but its worth it just playing games getting eaten alive by clowns and zombies. Hopefully in Call of Duty they bring back are most favourite charterers so far Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, Edward Richthofen and are most best drunk Russian Nikolai Belinski . These are my favourite charters you might have a different opinion but people have there own opinion so say what you want your favourite crew is the shadows of evil crew.  here is the new zombies trailer is well


Overall I think these Two Games will be  good and quite challenging to play but if i do get it i will try my best to be good at it and upload for you guys


This Dude Games  🙂




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