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I’m Nate, a avid gamer and I play on multiple platforms from PC, PS4, Xbox One, right through to mobile and retro.

I am making YouTube videos and learning along the way. Please subscribe to my channel to see my progress and maybe help with my videos.

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8th November 2016

New Zombies Easter Egg SpaceLand… Where’s The Cut Scence

Hi everyone today we are talking about the lack of  a ending cut scene in the new Call of Duty zombies. I don’t see why  they don’t put a cut scene in unless we have to do more to complete the Easter Egg. Like we have to go and activate the music Easter Egg then kill the alien to complete it fully or we have to find a secret teleporter to teleport us back so we can kill the film director.  We should a least get something more then a quote unless the quote means something to actually completing it? here is the quote “bravo a truly spire performance, where they have soft not like that this is going to win any of us any award chat with lots, how are you not dying already? and […]
7th November 2016

COD MW4 Remasterd… I Cant Wait

The new COD game came out not long ago even though i have asked for it this Christmas i cant wait to see the better graphics and also Captain Price. The game came with the infinite warfare bundle but its worth it they don’t look like bad games all together and Call Of Duty have limited the jump boost to make it easier and better game play especially in the zombies mode. You Can check out the game your self look here Zombies is a good setup of charters with the old feeling that its a old cheesy movie from the 1980’s they call the rounds scenes and you have 4 charters the Jock,the Nerd,The Gangster and the prom Queen.  You are set in a theme park with a disco platform what can shoot lasers and […]
7th November 2016

Warframe (To Venus We Go)

6th November 2016

Warframe fun (how long for this extraction)

21st October 2016


10th August 2016